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Short film, 5 min, Graz (AT), 2021

Director: Flavia Mazzanti
Concept: Manuel Bonell, Michael Bonell, Flavia Mazzanti
Performers: Maartje Pasman
Digital Camera: Gabor Racz
CGI: Michael Bonell, Manuel Bonell
Editing: Flavia Mazzanti
Music & Sound Design: Yurii Radko
Video Effects: Yurii Radko
Voiceover: Isabelle van Vleet
Technical Support: Michael Bonell
Assistance: Daniel Tiefenbrunn

Realized with the support of Stadt Graz

211214 NEXUM HD_Final-Cut-2b.00_01_41_03.Still009.jpg

N E X U M questions how we as individuals are psychologically relying on our inhabit spaces and how we as society are influencing and being influenced by our surroundings. The plot follows the everyday displacements of the protagonist through different urban, public and private spaces, and her way of interaction and exchange with them. A second parallel layer shows in a fictional way the impact of the different realms in the protagonists affective sensation, reflecting on how the interaction within diverse environments generate different psychological behaviours.

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